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About The Show

"The Outsiders Club" is an exciting 30-minute program starring kids who explore the great outdoors and model ways to pursue a healthier, more active, nature-connected lifestyle. Each episode is set in a beautiful Florida State Park and features an outdoor adventure, such as camping, fishing, kayaking, or hiking. Plus, our Nutritional Moments provide fun, easy tips on staying healthy while you’re adventuring in the great outdoors! If you’re a kid who’s looking for awesome ways to get your exercise fix while having fun (and staying safe!) outside, then look no further than "The Outsiders Club". Tune in and join the adventure!



Meet Madison. She is full of life and always up for an adventure. She loves to travel, play sports and always has a smile. Her spirit for outdoor adventures is evident by her commitment to soccer, biking, hiking, and the occasional mud run. Madison is always up to the challenge and brings excitement and energy to whatever she is doing.


Cooper loves all sports but currently plays baseball and basketball. He loves to fish, and other lake activities like tubing and riding jet skis. He loves watching Survivor and other shows about surviving in the wild, and often goes out in the woods and tries out what he has seen on the shows, like making fire. Cooper likes to learn card tricks and other types of magic or "illusions". He is a prankster and his three older sisters (and mom) are often the victims of his pranks. He is a movie buff and his favorite genre is zombie/apocalypse type films.



Meet Valencia - She will use any excuse to go the beach and catch rays with her family and friends. A true thespian at heart, Valencia is always dancing and singing wherever she goes. Valencia’s spunky attitude gives her energy for any outdoor adventure.


Meet Hunter - a young renaissance man in the making. He is on his school golf team and has a passion for fishing, mountain biking, camping, and is a proud boy scout. He has energy to spare and an infinite amount of humor and silliness. If it's outdoors, this genuine outdoorsman lives up to his name.



Daja loves to get out, take charge, and don’t be surprised if she has some kind of list or schedule with her. But most of the outdoor activities she really loves are all about jumping in and soaking up some nature. Bird watching, a low key horseback ride, star gazing, walking around a lake, and just hanging out with friends... well, those are only a few ways she “keeps it outside.”


If there’s anyone that’ll dig in, get muddy, and be that get dirty kind of kid, it’s Chase. But he won’t be alone. Most of his favorite outdoor adventures... soccer, football, basketball, and kickball (noticing a theme?)... require a team of people and a lot of energy! When you’re ready to try something new, get dirty, dig into the details, or just roam and explore the great outdoors, Chase is your guy!



Chloe is a seventh-generation Floridian! She grew up helping out in her family's organic citrus groves, where she got to know the real Florida from the inside out. Chloe is definitely a "Real Florida" kind of outdoor girl. On a hot, sunny day you'll find her tubing, kayaking, or fishing. She also loves spending time at Florida's awesome beaches, where she's surfing, beach-combing, or soaking up some rays.


This guy is all about adventure! He loves new challenges, especially if those challenges involve being outdoors. He loves road biking in the hills, kicking the soccer ball around, wrestling, weightlifting, and playing his drums. Oh, and talk about work ethic! If you ask Jalen to do it, it’s gonna get done. He may be one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but don’t let that fool you - he’s still all about getting outside and getting messy!



If you ask Sabrina why she loves the outdoors so much, you'd better have the time. She loves the thrills of jet skiing, surfing, swimming and boating. When she’s not spending time outdoors, she loves to sing, dance, and act! Sabrina is definitely an explorer. She loves to travel and dive into different cultures while making new friends along the way.


Mario is a thespian at heart. He has been lighting up the stage since becoming involved with theater in first grade. You can always find him socializing with his friends - playing basketball, listening to music, and dancing! To Mario, there is nothing better than grabbing a comfy seat and sitting down with a good book. Reading is amazing - but in Mario’s opinion, it’s even better when you’re reading outside!


Brianna A.

Brianna A. loves anything that has to do with animals, water or working out, especially if she’s doing it with friends. Sometimes she can be clumsy and things can get out of hand, but in the end it's all fun! Dancing, running, swimming, surfing, playing with her dog, and walking on the beach are definitely her favorite things to do!


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