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Horseback Riding / Zipline / Scrambled Up Challenge

Daja gallops into the unknown in a horseback riding adventure she’s likely never to forget. Saddle up and get ready to shout a few “Yeehaw’s!” Then things get a little cheesy in the Fuel Lab when Brandon and Elainena team up for the Scrambled Up Challenge. And Chase and Daja take on their biggest, baddest project yet when they put up… a zipline!

Fuel Lab

Scrambled Eggs


– 2 large Eggs

– Salt and Pepper

– Cooking spray, oil or butter

1 cup of assorted fresh florida vegetables

– Sweet Onions

– Tomatoes

– Broccoli

– Spinach

– Peppers

– Squash

– Mushrooms

Optional – 2 ounces of lean protein

– diced lean ham

– turkey or roast beef

– grilled chicken

– low-fat cheese


Make your own unique healthy eggs using toppings of your choice. Get creative and use some ingredients you wouldn’t usually see in eggs.


– Whisk the eggs together adding the salt or pepper if desired then set aside.

– Spray a pan or skillet and heat it to medium.

– Add the assorted vegetables and sauté them for 2 -3 minutes, or until aromatic and slightly softened.

– Next, add the protein of your choice,hen pour the egg mixture in the pan or skillet, making sure to pour evenly over the vegetables.

– Stir the eggs ,occasionally but not too often until cooked through.

– Enjoy!


Tip: The high-quality protein found in eggs helps build muscle and can keep you feeling fuller longer, which contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.


Horseback Riding

Outsider Pro

Megan Carlson




Saint Cloud, Florida

Favorite Place to Ride

Forever Florida




– Pick two trees that are a good distance apart

– Put scraps between the cable and the tree

– Make sure one end of the cable is higher than the other


– Just buy a zipline kit!

Here’s a link to some good kits – Zipline Kit

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