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Aquarium / Travel Aquarium / Granola

Chase dives in with some exotic fish friends at Aquarium Encounters in the Florida Keys! And boy, does he get up close and personal. Then it’s off to the Fuel Lab where Brandon gets messy with a delicious No-Bake Granola recipe. And Daja and Chase dig into their own mess with a Travel Aquarium for Daja’s friendly goldfish, Sunny.

Fuel Lab



– Oats

– Flax seed

– Dried fruit

– Pecans

– Toasted coconut

– Chocolate chips

– Vanilla

– Cinnamon

– Honey

– Peanut butter


– Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up!

– Get a pan and throw some saran wrap on it so your ingredients don’t get stuck to the bottom

– Put the ingredients into the pan and mash them down so they are firm in the pan

– Let sit in the refrigerator for an hour


Get creative! Try making some granola bars using your own ingredients.


Keys Aquarium

Outsider Pro

Hannah Child


Marathon, Florida

Favorite thing to do at the aquarium

Get in the tanks!


Travel Aquarium


– Jar

– Pebbles

– Live plant

– Water


– Put the pebbles into the jar

– Tuck the plant into the pebbles

– Add the water

– Add your fish to your new travel aquarium!

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