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Bug Hunt / Bottle Ecosystem / Grilled Cheese

Brandon discovers a whole new world… a tiny one! When he goes on a bug hunt, an Outsider expert shows him just how cool bugs can be. Then Chase races to the Fuel Lab for a twist on a stand-by after school snack, the Grilled Cheese. And Elainena and Brandon create their own Outsiders world when they put together a classic bottle ecosystem!

Fuel Lab

Grilled Cheese


– Bread

– Cheese

– Butter or Olive Oil


– Stove

– Pan

– Spatula


– Get all of your ingredients ready

– Place Oil or Butter in the pan

– Put the sandwich together with cheese and whatever other extra ingredients inbetween two bread slices

– Put the sandwich on the pan

– Flip sandwich after two minutes, or until golden brown.

– Take sandwich off pan and enjoy!


Bug Hunt

Outsider Activity

Bug hunting with Eva Nix!


Eva’s backyard in Central Florida


Bug hunting is fun and you can do it just about anywhere.

Remember if you want to keep the bugs you have to make a habitat for them


Bottle Ecosystem


– 3 clear 2-liter (empty) soda bottles

– clear packing tape

– aquarium gravel

– water

– dechlorinator

– rubber band

– 4″ piece of netting

– soil

– fish, snails, or other aquatic life

– elodea, duck weed, anachris or other aquatic plants

– crickets, pill bugs, earthworms

– a few dead leaves and small sticks


– first get your soda bottles, 3 for each ecosystem, and begin cutting them up. The bottom one (basement, AKA pond life) gets the top cut off of it. The middle one (AKA coupler) gets both bottom AND top cut off. The top level (AKA earth level) gets bottom cut off, but saved to reattach at the end.


– take your basement/pond life level and add an inch or so of gravel. Fill it almost to the top with water and add a few drops of dechlorinator. Then add special friends, like the plants, guppies, and snails. You can use different fish, but guppies are the sturdiest. These snails that the nice fish store man chose for us stay fairly small, and they’re beautiful. Each ecosystem gets 2 snails, 2 branches of anachris (plant), which they could break into smaller pieces, and 3 or 4 guppies so that hopefully 2 will live.


– For the top/earth level, put a layer of netting over the open mouth of the bottle, secure it with a rubberband and then turn it upside down. Next, add a layer of gravel, and then some super-soil. Into this level palnt some grass seed, but rye/alfalfa/mustard will work well too.


– Add one cricket, 3 pill bugs, and an earthworm each. Then a few dead leaves and small sticks on top.


– The bottom of that soda bottle (which is now the top) gets taped back on, with the edges tucked just inside the rest of the bottle so water doesn’t run out. Then that top level gets set inside the coupler level and taped.


– set them in front of a sunny window so that photosynthesis can happen, setting in motion the cycle of life. The water will evaporate to the top to rain down on the soil, helping the grass to grow and the dead leaves to decompose, which feed the insects. There will be plenty of oxygen from the plants, and the algae that will grow will feed the fish and snails.

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