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Gardening / Herb Garden / Salad

Daja discovers gardening with a group of adventurous students! Their school community garden has taken on a life of its own and she’s there to check it out. Then, Chase and Brandon make salads interesting when they rush to the Fuel Lab for the Crazy Salad Challenge. And Chase keeps this episode green with a surprise Herb Garden project for his mom’s birthday.

Fuel Lab


Possible Ingredients

– Avocado

– Salad dressing

– Eggs

– Nuts

– Mushrooms

– Cheese

– Carrots

– Bell Peppers

– Broccoli

– Lettuce

– Tomatoes

– Beans


– Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up!

– If making a vinaigrette, remember two parts oil, one part vinegar. Shake well!


Get creative! Try making a salad using your own ingredients.



Outsider Activity

Gardening with Marcus and Mia!


Pine Grove Elementary School in Brooksville, Florida


Pine Grove Elementary School is a school and a farm. The school has a lot of gardens, and it can legally sell its produce to the school cafeteria and to the public. They also have a butterfly attraction, a vineyard and a home for animals.


Herb Garden


– Pots or large jars

– Gravel

– Fresh soil (from local garden center)

– Herb seed packets or seedlings

– Plant markers


– Visit your local garden supply center to buy seeds or seedlings. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out the selection of seeds at the Seed Shop and have them delivered.


– Fill the bottom of each pot with 3/4-inch gravel, then fill completely with soil. Dig a hole in the soil large enough for your plant to fit into. Remove the seedling from its plastic nursery container and set into planting hole. Gentle press down the soil around the plant. If starting from seeds, fill the pot with soil and then gently press seeds into soil 1/4 inch.

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