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Keys Cable / Reptile Habitat / Sandwich Challenge

Chase balances on a fine wire when he drops in on the Keys Cable Park. Things get wild when he skims his way along the crazy cable system. Then Daja and Chase face-off in the Fuel Lab for a good ol’ fashioned boys versus girls Sandwich Challenge, Master Class! And Daja surprises Chase with a personalized project: a reptile habitat for his new snake.

Fuel Lab

Sandwich Challenge


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Keys Cable

Outsider Activity

Wakeboarding at the cable park!


Keys Cable Park in Marathon, Florida


Keys Cable Park is a great place to learn how to wakeboard, waterski, and kneeboard! It’s easier to be towed by a cable here because of the higher tow point than from a boat in the water. They can provide everything from the boards to the helmets!

For more information about Keys Cable Park, please visit: www.keyscable.com


Reptile Habitat


– Side panels: (2) 11 1/2” x 11 1/2” -1/2” plywood

– Back, Bottom, & front: (3) 12” x 24” -1/2” plywood

– (1) 12” x 24” –plexiglass panel

– (1) 12” x 24” netting or screen material for top

– Wood Glue

– Clamps

– Jigsaw


– Step 1: Using the jigsaw, cut a large center opening in the front piece of plywood.


– Step 2: Glue the plexiglass panel to the front piece of plywood, sealing the hole, creating a window. Let dry over night.


– Step 3: Glue the front and back panels to the bottom panel, along with the side panels. Use clamps to hold everything in place while it drys over night.


– Step 4: Staple netting to the top of the habitat, with an overlapping flap so that you can access the inside of the enclosure as needed.

For more information, please visit:

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